How secure is my cost model?
Our entire application is housed in a secure commercial data center, with daily offsite backups.  Each of our client’s data models are stored in separate databases in a multi-tenant architecture.

How much does it cost?  What’s included?
Our solution is complete and includes ongoing support and maintenance.  Pricing is based on the size of the cost model and the number of users; for mid-sized organizations pricing starts around $2,500 (USD) per month.  Implementation consulting support is provided at an additional cost, either by us or through our network of certified partners. 

Do you offer an on-premises installation?

No.  Our application is designed for centralized management at a low cost, and is available only in our on-cloud solution.

What is the underlying technology?

rapidABC leverages Microsoft SQL, and reporting is delivered using SSAS.  From the end-user client, only a browser and an internet connection are required to access the power of rapidABC.

Can I import or export data?

Yes!  Data can be loaded from text files and can be exported in reports or into Excel.

What type of customers do you have?

rapidABC can be applied in a variety of industries.  Our clients include banks, credit unions, insurance companies, manufacturers, distributors, ranging in size from mid-market to enterprise.

How long does an implementation take?

That depends on a number of factors, but the model development activity within rapidABC is often completed in a matter of weeks.  In our experience, the bulk of the time is taken to develop an understanding of cost in the business and to create data extracts from company systems.

Can we do this ourselves?

rapidABC was built with the Cost Analyst in mind, so you don’t need to be a programmer or a costing guru to build models or write reports.  We provide training, on-line implementation guides and tools to help you build good models quickly, accurately and effectively.  If you need help with best practices for costing, we can provide that support or connect you with a certified implementation partner.

Who are you?

rapidABC was designed by Darryl Wood and Mitch Max.  With over 50 years of combined experience in costing, profitability, planning and forecasting across a variety of tools, we sought out a way to bring advanced costing capabilities to companies of all sizes.  

Frequently Asked Questions