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Costing software that’s fast, easy, complete …
completely cloud-based...
and costs less than you think!

Advanced, full-featured cloud-based Costing and Profitability solution
No software or hardware to buy, install or configure. rapidABC’s stunningly-simple and intuitive user interface gives you the information you need to start improving your company’s performance faster than ever before.

Discover the true cost and profit drivers in your company  
Don’t rely on margin alone – find your real costs to build profitable revenue growth. Identify your most and least profitable customers and products.  Now you can price and pay compensation based on true profits.  Cut costs with surgical precision and measure results with accuracy and transparency.

More than just a cost model  
Powerful, visual reporting and analysis tools at your fingertips. Discover hidden profit pockets, track unit cost trends, reveal cost drivers, target wasteful activities and right-size your business. Enhanced customer and product profit reports at the click of a mouse. Drill down into details or export to Excel as needed.  Give your cost analysts the tools they need to make your business successful.

Nothing to buy  
Designed for the cloud – no hardware to purchase, no software to install or configure.  Runs on any computer – PC or Mac - in your browser. Be up and running in record time.  Faster and more reliable than modelling in Excel. Use rapidABC for a one-time study or ongoing monthly profitability analysis.

rapidABC gives you the tools that large corporations use at a price your company can afford
Advanced technology and a step-by-step user interface means quick implementation with low training costs.  Comprehensive methodologies and a scalable, powerful calculation engine deliver results to any size company in any industry.  

Did you know that 20% of customers and products often generate 150-200% of profits?  Break it down with rapidABC.
Where are you really making and losing money in your organization?  Research and experience consistently shows that, when all costs are analyzed, companies make 150-200% of their profits from only 20% of their products and customers.  Great companies know their true costs and profitability, using that information to make informed pricing and strategy decisions. Finding the real winners and losers will help you identify and retain your best customers, and find strategies to improve profits on the others. 


Raise your cost consciousness and create sustained performance improvements with rapidABC.  After all, you can’t cost-cut your way to profitability.  
Relevant cost information is critical to efficient operations.  Winning companies reduce cost surgically, without resorting to “across the board” arbitrary cost cutting.  They focus on eliminating or reducing activities that don’t add value.  By measuring the real cost of re-work, they prioritize and optimize investments in new technologies or processes.  With regular and ongoing measurement, they track cost improvement over time. And by measuring capacity utilization, they quantify the number of staff they need and will need to support growth.

Make Better Decisions with Better Information